AMD Split Rumors Accelerating

From Tom's Hardware: It is widely expected that Asset Light will part AMD into two companies - one that is led by newly crowned CEO Dirk Meyer and a focus on the development of chip technologies and a manufacturing arm that will take over AMD’s fabs. Our sources indicated that critical decisions are being made at this time and the official announcement of Asset Light and Asset Smart will be made next month.

Hector Ruiz’ future role remains a mystery, but it is expected that Ruiz will remain with AMD in one capacity or the other, possibly as CEO of the manufacturing company. We previously published an extensive analysis that sheds some light on the company’s future direction. It appears that much of Ruiz’ future has already been ironed out and AMD’s marketing team is now working on a way to preserve Ruiz’ legacy in AMD’s history books to avoid the perception that the executive caused the company’s current critical state.

Officially, there is virtually no clear information on the announcement and the direction of Asset Light/Smart provided by AMD. In the company’s Q2 earnings call, chief financial officer Bob Rivet stated the announcement will not be a 2009 event and that the company will announce it "as soon as [AMD] can get it down which is what Hector [Ruiz] is focused on."

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