CES 2016 Day 4 - QNAP

QNAP have some great NAS products. However, we spent the shortest time at their booth/room. Don't get me wrong, QNAP is a great company. However, they have mostly been revamping much of their product line. QNAP has briefly shown us their enterprise-grade rackmounted NAS units, one of which had dual integrated system redundancy along with RAID drive redundancy. Essentially, you can say QNAP has come out with "redundan-ception" for their enterprise NAS units. For the consumer side, here is what we have got from them.

First off, we have the TAS-268. This is not new. However, QNAP has plans to revamp it with the newest Android system. This is a 2-bay system, but is capable of booting up as QNAP's proprietary software called QTS, currently at version 4.2, and as and Android device. I should mention that all of QNAP's devices (With the exception of single bay devices) are capable of RAIDing the drives, so the TAS-268 is no different.

The TBS-453A is QNAP's slim and streamlined NAS. It supports M.2 drives, supporting up to four drives, where each drive having a maximum capacity of 1TB. It has a built-in switch capable of managing your own private network, and supports encryption. According to QNAP, encrypted performance peaks at 224 MB/s. Additionally, it is able to support hardware decoding and transcode of 4K (H.264) videos on the fly or in offline mode.

What we have here is the upgraded model of the HS-210 we reviewed a while back. Like the TS line that we will be talking about shortly, we have upgraded parts like the CPU and RAID controller. As usual, because this is a silent NAS, it will not feature a fan, and is great for environments like your home theater as it would not disturb your movie session with a loud fan.

The TS-x53A line is revamped with upgraded hardware, RAID controllers, CPUs, memory, and the like. The TS series comes in four models: TS-253A, TS-453A, TS-653A, and TS-853A, where 2, 4, 6, and 8 represent the number of drives for each NAS. In the photo above, you will see the TS-653A and TS-853A. In addition to some of the features found on the TBS-453A, this series is also capable of supporting Volume/LUN snapshots. This series is aimed at people who need massive storage space, such as photographers or video editors.

This TVS model, specifically the TVS-871T, has won the CES 2016 innovation award. It is a professional grade NAS that supports two 10 Gigabit LAN ports dedicated for computers to transfer files at high speeds, while still supporting yet another two network ports and multiple USB ports and even two Thunderbolt ports. This will be QNAP's flagship innovation display product at CES 2016.