Samsung could look to LG for phone batteries after Note 7 debacle

From CNET: Samsung seems to be doing everything within its power to avoid a repeat of the great Galaxy Note 7 battery crisis of 2016.

That might even include buying in batteries from LG, according to a Reuters report published on Monday.

Samsung currently sources its phone batteries from Samsung SDI, a subsidiary of the company, and China's Amperex Technology, but could be set to diversify its battery suppliers by inking a deal with fellow South Korean company LG Chem. Reuters cites the Chosun Ilbo newspaper as saying there is "more than a 90 percent chance" of Samsung signing up LG to provide batteries for its phones starting in the second half of 2017.

Samsung had a tough old time of things this year when it was forced to twice recall the Galaxy Note 7 due to safety concerns caused by batteries, before putting the brakes on production of the phone altogether in October. The recalls are set to cost the company billions, so it's understandable that Samsung would want to avoid a similar problem occurring in future.

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