Amazon's best holiday season shipped over 1 billion items

From CNET: The Seattle-based retailer giant shipped more than 1 billion items with Prime around the world for the holiday season, more than five times its sales last holiday season, between November 1 to December 19.

The Echo Dot was the most coveted gift out of items shipped from Amazon, which quickly sold out. Echo devices sales spiked a record-setting nine times more than the amount sold in 2015's holiday season.

"Despite our best efforts and ramped-up production, we still had trouble keeping them in stock," Jeff Wilke, Amazon's CEO of Worldwide Consumers, said in a release Tuesday.

The smart speakers have been sold out for days leading up to the holiday season, with the Echo out of stock until January 26, and the Echo Dot just coming back into stock on Tuesday morning.

For millions of homes, Alexa has been a helpful holiday companion, Amazon said, with customers in Seattle, San Diego and New York using the smart assistant to turn on Christmas lights more than any other cities. "Jingle Bells," as sung by Frank Sinatra, was one of the top holiday songs played through Alexa as well.

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