LG's G6 phone will lose the modular gimmick

From CNET: LG is backing away from what made its previous top-of-the-line phone unique.

The company last year launched the G5, which ventured off the beaten path of phone design: Owners could swap out its bottom "chin" for other parts that added a camera grip or a souped-up speaker. In a sea of similar-looking phones, LG hoped that its unusual approach would turn heads. It didn't.

"It was a meaningful test for us," said LG Chief Technology Officer Skott Ahn in an interview Wednesday. "Of course, we paid a lot."

Lessons learned, the company will move away from the modular approach for the upcoming G6, which will likely be a more conventional phone.

That shift marks a turnaround effort for LG as it attempts to win back mobile customers. The company, which sells everything from refrigerators to televisions, had made headway with a portfolio of affordable phones and its G line of flagship phones, but the G5 represented a big misstep.

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