Facebook, Microsoft target faster services with new AI server designs

From InfoWorld: Facebook on Wednesday rolled out some staggering statistics related to its social networks. Each day, users watch 100 million hours of video, 400 million people use Messenger, and more than 95 million photos and videos are posted on Instagram.

That puts a heavy load on Facebook’s servers in data centers, which help orchestrate all these services to ensure timely responses. In addition, Facebook’s servers use machine learning technologies to improve services, with one visible example being image recognition.

The story is similar for Microsoft, which is continually looking to balance the load on its servers. For example, Microsoft’s data centers apply machine learning for natural language services like Cortana.

Both companies introduced new open-source hardware designs to ensure faster responses to such artificial intelligence services, and the designs will allow the companies to offer more services via their networks and software. The server designs were introduced at the Open Compute Project U.S. Summit on Wednesday.

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