​Roku TVs now track what you watch to suggest streams, target ads

From CNET: Roku TVs are CNET's favorite entry-level televisions, with the best built-in streaming platform on the planet and good-enough picture quality for the price.

I also love how they keep getting updated with new features and functionality, such as a recent add-on that lets antenna users pause live TV, no DVR required (seriously, it's pretty cool) and listen to TV audio privately using headphones connected to a smartphone.

But the latest update gives me pause. Its biggest feature is something called More Ways To Watch. Here's how Roku describes it.

The TV can recognize the show or movie you're watching on a connected cable box, satellite box or antennas using Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technology, and suggest additional viewing options via streaming. Those options may include the ability to watch from the beginning, watch more episodes of the same show and/or view suggestions for similar entertainment available to stream.
So if you're watching an episode of "Friends" (see above) via the cable box, an option appears onscreen reminding you that you can also stream it via Netflix, Amazon or Hulu. There's also an option to watch the same episode from the beginning, or check out related shows like (I'm guessing here) "Seinfeld" or "Joey."

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