Xiaomi phones will be available in the US by 2019

From CNET: Xiaomi, the Chinese startup that has made waves through Asia and South America, may finally make its way to the US.

The Chinese manufacturer's phone will launch in the US "in two years, if not sooner," according to Wang Xiang, the new global head said in an interview with CNET after the Mi 6 launch last week.

The new timeline, pushed two years back from a previous target, underscores the difficulties in coming to the US. Xiaomi has built its reputation on building quality phones and selling them at a low price, winning fans along the way. Unfortunately, most Americans have never heard of the company. The startup's model of selling its phones directly through its website doesn't translate well in the US, where most consumers buy through their carriers.

Still, hardcore phone fans and savvy consumers have eagerly awaited Xiaomi'x arrival. It appears the startup will move cautiously. At CES this year, former global head Hugo Barra took back an earlier statement about the company's plan to launch stateside in 2017.

Xiaomi would be the latest Chinese to attempt to tackle the market. Other entrants have seen mixed success. ZTE and Alcatel are relegated to the budget end of the spectrum, and big global players like Huawei can barely get its products in the US. OnePlus has a following in the US, but it's fairly niche. Any new player could get lost in the shuffle.

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