Amazon's Echo Show is a giant phone for your kitchen counter

From CNET: The e-commerce giant on Tuesday revealed its newest device, the Echo Show, it's first smart speaker with a built-in screen. The new device was announced just weeks after Amazon presented the Echo Look, its first Echo with a built-in camera.

CNET in April reported that Amazon was likely to reveal a new Echo device with a built-in screen this month. That story followed reports of the product's existence from The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg last year.

Amazon has placed a huge bet on its suite of Echo devices, hoping to use them to dominate the growing smart home market and gain even more loyal retail customers. So far, that strategy has been working pretty well for the company, with 71 percent of smart speaker customers in the US buying Echo devices, according to eMarketer. The newer Google Home speaker gets just 24 percent of the market.

But, as the Google Home continues to develop, it should keep eating into the Echo's market share lead, eMarketer predicted. Also, Apple is expected to come out with its own smart speaker and Samsung is jumping into the fray with its new voice assistant, Bixby, as well as a new speaker called Invoke that uses Microsoft's digital helper, Cortana.

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