AMD's Ryzen Mobile chips are ready for liftoff, with the new Ryzen Pro not far behind

From PC World: With the Ryzen 3, 5, and 7 chips already out the door for desktop PCs, AMD’s preparing its next assault: the mobile market, with a Ryzen Mobile chip that promises to outperform AMD’s current mobile processor by a whopping 50 percent.

Announced at the company's financial analyst day Tuesday, AMD promises to offer a “phenomenal” gaming experience when the Ryzen Mobile chips launch in the second half of the year, both for two-in-one PCs and more traditional notebook computers. This is in part because their graphics capabilities are based on the upcoming Vega graphics core, AMD executives said. AMD also announced the Ryzen Pro, a version of the chip designed for commercial PCs.

AMD’s sizzle included roadmap discussions of Ryzen Pro and the mobile Ryzen chip, as well as another massive Threadripper chip for gamers and the announcement of the Epyc brand for servers. The meat, though, was the message: AMD’s profits are expected to improve, in part because the company’s selling high-margin parts that gamers and other enthusiasts will pay big money for.

Most PCs are sold as laptops, meaning AMD’s existing Ryzen 3, 5, and 7 rollout for desktops was just a dry run of sorts for the real Ryzen launch: the Ryzen Mobile chip. Jim Anderson, the senior vice president and general manager of AMD’s Client and Computing Group teams, said AMD has already received a warm welcome from hardware partners.

“We’ve been working for months with the top [hardware partners] to bring new systems to market,” Anderson said. “So you’ll see with Ryzen Mobile beautiful two-in-one systems, some really beautiful thin-and-light ultraportables, great gaming systems."

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