Amazon launches The Hub locker delivery system for apartment buildings

From The Verge: Amazon has revealed a new delivery locker designed for apartment blocks and other housing complexes that may not have mailroom services to securely process packages.

First spotted by Engadget, The Hub is essentially a set of lockers where packages are delivered and stored. When someone is ready to retrieve their parcel, they enter the pickup code into the system and a corresponding door will open with the item inside. Amazon says its locker system accepts delivery from all carriers.

Amazon already has its own self-service parcel pickup and delivery service called Amazon Locker, which are placed in stores like 7-Eleven throughout big cities. The Hub is available in indoor and outdoor options in four colors. Sizes start from the Starter Hub, a six-foot wide model with 42 compartments, with an expansion module available that adds another 23. The pricing for the lockers remain unclear, and those interested in installing the Hub are asked to fill out a form with details about their building.

The plus side to all this is the lockers are available 7/24, which means you’ll be able to securely pick up your package anytime, and without some nosy doorman or concierge judging your peculiar shopping habits.

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