iPad sales growth doesn't herald a tablet-as-PC rush

From ComputerWorld: Apple last week reported a 15% uptick in iPad sales, the tablet's first sign of growth in more than four years.

But credit for the prosperity should probably go to Apple's lower-priced iPad, said one analyst - not to the company's campaign to convince customers to pick a tablet rather than a personal computer.

"The vast majority of [those we polled] is not even considering it," said Ben Bajarin of Creative Strategies, referring to a recent survey his firm conducted about attitudes toward the iPad and Apple's year-long tout of the tablet as a rival to, and substitute for, a personal computer.

More than a third of those polled said that they had not seen Apple's new iPad commercials -- the push began last August -- and a quarter said that although they'd seen the spots, Apple had not changed their thinking about personal computers. One in six, however, reported that while they were happy with the Windows-powered PC or Mac that they had, they might consider switching to an iPad when their current machine needed to be replaced.

Only 5% said they had already switched from a PC or Mac to an iPad.

Even the 16% -- that one of every six -- was, said Bajarin, "pretty low," and did not indicate intent to buy, but only the sentiment that the respondent would consider swapping out a personal computer for an iPad. "That number needs to get into the 40% to 50% range before this [tablet] category can go on another growth trajectory," he said.

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