Canon Adds Fast Autofocus to Entry-Level Mirrorless

From PC Mag: Canon's mirrorless camera system continues to grow and improve. The newest model is entry-level, replacing the EOS M10. Dubbed the EOS M100, it offers some very serious upgrades, notably a 24MP image sensor with Dual Pixel AF.

This is presumably the same sensor that Canon is using in more expensive mirrorless models, as well as the Rebel T7i, EOS 77D, and EOS 80D SLRs. The 24MP chip deliverd solid image quality when paired with the Digic 7 image processing engine, so we expect autofocus performance to be just as good as what you get with the pricier EOS M5.

Other features include a tilting 3-inch LCD with 1.4-million dot resolution and touch support. It flips up and faces all the way forward for selfie shots. When shooting selfies, the camera offers skin smoothing and background defocus options.

There's a lot of baked in wireless tech—Bluetooth, NFC, and Wi-Fi. It works with both Android and iOS devices, and will support file transfer and remote control over Wi-Fi. You'll also have the ability to start a GPS log on your phone to add location data to images, making up for the lack of an in-camera GPS. And because there's Bluetooth, you can use Canon's dedicated wireless remote control to fire the shutter.

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