Huawei's New Mobile CPU Puts AI in the Spotlight

From PC Mag: Huawei's latest flagship mobile chip, the Kirin 970, places a renewed emphasis on AI and machine learning. Beyond tangible performance boosts, what else does this mean?

While the previous Kirin 960 chip brought machine learning to the table, the emphasis there was on facilitating app monitoring and intelligent memory use, with the purpose of improving general performance. Here, Huawei takes that thinking and adds steroid-infused rocket fuel.

As well as featuring the same octo-core configuration of the previous model—four 1.8GHz Cortex A53's backed up with four 2.4GHz Cortex A73 cores—the Kirin 970 comes with ARM's new Mali G72 MP12 GPU, an upgrade from the G71 MP8 present in the Kirin 960. On top of this, the 970 features another discrete component that's dedicated to handling the AI processes, something Huawei's calling the NPU (Neural Processing Unit).

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