Wi-Fi security flaw puts all wireless devices at risk of hijack

From CNET: You use Wi-Fi every day -- you may even on it right this moment -- and that means the device you're using is at serious risk of being hijacked.

Researchers have discovered a flaw in the security protocol that's a fixture in almost every modern Wi-Fi device, including computers, phones and routers, reported ZDNet on Monday.

A weakness in the WPA2 protocol, meant to protect both wireless networks and devices, was discovered by computer security academic Mathy Vanhoef, and is being nicknamed "KRACK," short for Key Reinstallation Attack.

The bug ultimately could allow hackers to eavesdrop on network traffic -- bad news for anyone sending sensitive or private information over a Wi-Fi connection. These days, that's pretty much all of us, although this could hit businesses using wireless point-of-sale machines particularly hard.

It's yet another weak spot in the wireless connections now woven into the fabric of daily life. Just last month, for instance, a security company flagged a flaw that could let malware hit more than 5 billion devices via their Bluetooth connections.

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