Canon adds a DSLR-size sensor to its most stylish pocket camera

From The Verge: Canon is taking the image sensor used in its best prosumer camera — the 80D — and putting it in an all new, more portable shooter called the Powershot G1X Mark III. Featuring a built-in 24-72mm, f2.8-5.6 zoom lens, the new camera hits the shelves in November and will cost $1,299.

The G1X Mark III is simultaneously an evolution of the Powershot G1X lineup as well as a spiritual successor to 2015’s G5X. The G1X Mark I and II were some of the better slim compacts Canon released in the last half decade, but slim compacts are a much harder sell in this age of abundant and wonderful smartphone cameras.

The G5X, meanwhile, was a slightly smaller but more distinct camera that stood out for its style and feature-heavy approach. It seemed like it was made to satisfy only those customers who wanted as much immediate manual control as could be fit on a compact camera, so much so that it felt like it was destined to be a one-off.

With the G1X Mark III, Canon’s ditched the flat profile in favor of that more baroque knob-and-dial style of the G5X, with a few touches of red serving as the only distinguishing features. The company’s essentially merged the two compacts while adding in the 80D’s 24.2-megapixel APS-C sensor with dual pixel autofocus — an image sensor that Canon is apparently so proud of it’s also been used in the M5 and M6 mirrorless cameras as well. (The G1X Mark III uses the same DIGIC 7 image processor, too.)

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