The HP ZBook x2 is a wildly powerful Surface Pro rival with a tear-off keyboard

From PC World: Whether you call it a workstation or a 2-in-1, HP just designed perhaps the most powerful tablet you can buy. The HP ZBook x2 features a quad-core 8th-gen Intel processor, workstation-caliber graphics, Thunderbolt, and up to a whopping 2TB of SSD storage. Did we mention it’s ruggedized, too?

HP unveiled the ZBook x2 in advance of the Adobe Max conference, aiming the powerful tablet at graphics professionals who need the power of a workstation while on the road. Competing tablets, such as Microsoft’s Surface Pro series or the Apple iPad, simply don’t offer enough horsepower to get the job done, according to Sarah Burton, the global lead for the zBook mobile workstations.

“There’s lag, there’s file issue, and that really gets in the way of them getting the most out of their creativity,” Burton said.

With the tablet and two-in-1 form factor now relatively well-established, PC makers are trying to differentiate themselves from each other and Microsoft, which has helped drive the platform. Mobile workstations have long carved out a niche in laptops; now they may do the same in tablets. Just don't ask for one for Christmas. The ZBook's starting price is $1,749, and we'd quickly expect that all of those fancy options will push it even higher, fast.

It’s what’s inside—and on the side—of the Zbook x2 that really sets it apart, however. HP’s spec sheet lists five different versions, with processor options ranging from two 7th-gen Core chips (the Core i7-7500U and 7600U) to three 8th-gen Core options: the i5-8250U, i7-8550U, and the i7-8650U. Graphics? Nvidia’s Quadro M620, with 2GB of graphics memory. Memory can be configured up to 32GB, which stomps the Surface Book 2's 16GB.

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