Samsung Patent Tips Phone With Wraparound Display

From PC Mag: It used to be the case that is was quite hard to differentiate Samsung and Apple smartphones, but Samsung made things a lot clearer when it incorporated a curved edge display into the Galaxy range. However, future Galaxy-branded handsets could become even more visually distinct if a new Samsung Display patent turns into a real product.

As The Verge reports, the patent is for a "display device" and there is little detail beyond that, but the diagrams reveal all we need to know.

As you can see in the image above, Samsung Display figured out how to wrap the display not just around the edge of the phone, but extend it on to the back, too. By doing so, it creates a dual screen handset, but only requires one display panel, which will keep costs down and and the component count low.

A phone using this new display would continue to work like a standard handset using the front display. However, the half-size display wrapped around to the rear of the phone could be put to good use showing your most used app icons, or combined with a case that allows it to easily show notifications. Owners would soon learn where the icons are on the rear display allowing them to tap without even looking to load content on the front display.

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