Facebook releases Snooze feature to mute certain friends

From CNET: Sometimes there are people on your Facebook feed you just don't want to see for a while. The social network says it wants to help.

Facebook on Friday globally released a feature called Snooze that lets users hide certain people, groups or brand pages for up to 30 days, without permanently unfriending or unfollowing them. When the snooze window is about to end, you'll get an alert to let you know or renew the snooze. The tool was previously only in testing.

The idea is for people to have more control over their news feeds -- in case they are having tensions with a friend or partner, or if people want to avoid certain topics. But the feature is also good for Facebook, which benefits from its users having expansive networks on the site so they can target ads to users. Temporarily muting a connection is better for Facebook than someone permanently cutting it off.

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