U.S. Government Blames North Korea for WannaCry Ransomware Attack

From eWeek: The U.S Government officially pointed the finger on Dec. 19, at the Government of North Korea as being responsible for the WannaCry ransomware attacks that first appeared in May 2017.

In a press conference at the White House, Homeland Security adviser Tom Bossert (pictured) laid out the Government's case and explained why it was now attributing the WannaCry attacks to North Korea. Bossert also answered questions about the role and responsibility the U.S. Government had in potentially enabling WannaCry, as the root vulnerability known as EternalBlue was originally found by the U.S National Security Agency (NSA).

"We took a lot of time to look through classified, sensitive information," Bossert said during the press conference.

Bossert added that the U.S. Government looked at operational tradecraft, tools and infrastructure and put all the information together to provide concrete attribution that proved North Korea was responsible for WannaCry.

"As we move forward and attribution becomes part of our accountability pillar, we can't do it wrong and we can't rush it," Bossert said.

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