Wireless charging reaches beyond the charging pad, finally

From CNET: Powercast said Tuesday that it's won FCC approval for its PowerSpot transmitter, which can deliver over-the-air charging to electronic devices two or more feet away and, in some cases, as far as 80 feet (24 meters). The idea is that charging certain devices could work a little like Wi-Fi does: The devices just have to be in the vicinity, rather than plugged in or plopped down in a particular spot.

The biggest beneficiaries for now will likely be keyboards, remote controls, certain wearables and especially low-power devices like home automation sensors.

You're hoping for wireless phone charging? That gets a little more complicated.

The company plans to show off prototypes of its 3-watt PowerSpot two weeks from now at CES, the consumer electronics extravaganza in Las Vegas that sets the stage for the coming year in gadgets.

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