Mad Catz, maker of gaming peripherals, is back from the dead

From CNET: It looked like an early April Fools' joke. Who would believe that Mad Catz, the bankrupt gaming peripheral company, would rise from the dead on "4.1.18"?

But the teaser trailer, which swept across rakish, angular renders of what was unmistakably a Mad Catz modular mouse, wasn't referring to April 1 -- but rather Jan. 4. Today, in other words.

And having chatted at length with long-time company spokesman Alex Verrey, I can confirm: Mad Catz is coming back this year. According to Verrey, nearly all the company's assets were swept up by a Chinese holding company that wanted to keep the brand alive, and this January's CES in Las Vegas will mark Mad Catz's revival with a whole slate of products.

Why should we trust Mad Catz's new owners to be better stewards than, say, the new owners of Polaroid, Nokia and BlackBerry? Verrey says it's because many of those involved have some very relevant experience: They had a hand in manufacturing much of Mad Catz's product line including its mice, keyboards and headsets.

It turns out that the Chinese holding company that's rescuing the Mad Catz brand from near death is composed of people who worked for the company's Chinese factories. They saw an opportunity to keep doing what they'd already been doing -- but now they'll be working for themselves.

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