Blade thinks it’s cracked PC game streaming with the Shadow cloud computer

From The Verge: The history of PC gaming is littered with companies that thought they could get cloud-based streaming services up and running. From the famously failed OnLive to Sony’s somewhat lackluster PS Now to Nvidia’s still-in-beta GeForce Now service, no company seems to have cracked the code to getting streaming to work for games in the same seamless way that services like Netflix and Hulu made it work for videos.

Now a French startup named Blade thinks it can get the formula right. And at CES, the company will announce that it’s expanding its Shadow cloud computer service to America.

Shadow was originally launched back in 2016 in France and is meant to succeed where other attempts have fizzled out with two key changes: by offering each user their own dedicated, high-end virtual machine (instead of shared resources), and by only selling Shadow in areas where it has data centers to ensure low-latency performance.

For now, Blade is only launching in California — where its first US data center is located — with limited availability on February 15th. But the company is looking to expand over the coming months, promising coverage for the entire continental US by the summer with local data centers scattered across the country for optimal efficiency.

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