Logitech Adds Reactive Lighting to G560 Speakers, G513 Keyboard

From PC Mag: It's quite difficult to stand out from the crowd when it comes to computer accessories. Be it a mouse, keyboard, or speakers, beyond the stats they all end up looking quite similar. Logitech has found a new way to make us take notice of its latest speakers, though: reactive lighting.

Today, Logitech announced the G560 PC Gaming Speaker. It's described as the first gaming speaker to include Logitech G Lightsync. If you've ever used Philips Hue products, this is going to sound very familiar. Logitech embedded RGB lighting into both G560 speakers and they react to the games you are playing, creating a light show around your display.

The lighting is meant to add to the overall immersion when playing a game, but that's no good if the sound coming out of the speakers isn't great. The G560 provides 240 watts peak/120 watts RMS power and positional 3D audio using DTS: X Ultra 1.0. Sitting on your desk either side of your monitor or laptop along with the included subwoofer, this should provide a high quality sound experience.

The Lightsync technology allows the speakers to show light and animated light effects across 16.8 million colors using four different lighting zones. The speakers have a number of connectivity options including USB, 3.5mm, and Bluetooth, so the reactive lighting doesn't need to be limited to gaming.

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