Apple invests $300M to drive clean energy use in China

From CNET: Apple wants to be part of China's big efforts to promote renewable energy.

The iPhone maker, together with 10 of its suppliers, will jointly put almost $300 million into the China Clean Energy Fund over the next four years, it said in a statement Thursday. By 2020, Apple hopes to create 4 gigawatts of renewable energy across the world, it added.

Apple intends to use the funds to invest in and develop clean energy projects that will power almost a million homes (or 1 gigawatt of renewable energy) across China.

Participating suppliers include Catcher Technology, Corning Inc, Luxshare-ICT, Pegatron and Wistron.

The announcement follows Apple's earlier statement that all its facilities globally now run on 100 percent clean energy. It's not alone in its mission to promote clean energy, with other US companies going green with deals for renewable energy sources too. Samsung also said in June it wants to be using 100 percent renewable energy at existing sites across the US, Europe and China in the next two years.

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