Report: 8 New Alexa Devices Planned Including a Microwave

From PC Mag: Amazon is apparently planning to release new Alexa-powered devices, including a microwave, an "in-car gadget", and a range of hi-fi equipment before the end of 2018.

According to a report from CNBC, there will be eight new voice-controlled devices before the end of the year with all of them containing Amazon Alexa in some form, meaning they could connect to other Alexa-enabled speakers or Amazon's Prime services

As well as a microwave and the in-car gadget, the new product line up is thought to include an amplifier, receiver, and subwoofer. These inclusions are the most likely, with Amazon looking to compete against Sonos' wireless speaker line-up (who already have a wireless amplifier for connecting wired speakers) and the Siri-enabled Apple HomePod.

Should we expect to see Amazon try to make more home devices smart? Other tech companies, such as LG and Samsung, are taking steps towards an internet-connected kitchen, but so far the results have been mixed. Rumors of new products such as these indicate Amazon is looking to get a greater foothold in the smart home sphere, possibly spinning out the Alexa brand into a range of devices of its own.

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