Prices Leak for Intel’s Monster 28-Core Xeon W-3175X CPU

From ExtremeTech: Last year at Computex, Intel debuted an overclocked 5GHz 28-core Xeon CPU. It was always obvious that the CPU was more of a demonstration model than an actual shipping product — the 1.2kW cooler that Intel had to use to hit those kinds of clock speeds was a sign that 5GHz was a bit out of the conventional operating frequency range for this CPU. Nonetheless, Santa Clara did state that the chip would come to market as the Xeon W-3175X. Now, thanks to leaks from multiple European retailers, we know what price Intel is targeting.

According to Hot Hardware, multiple European retailers are listing the CPU for between €4,045 and €4,525. It’s not clear how precisely this would map to US prices since it includes VAT, but it wouldn’t be unusual for Intel to simply swap the € and the $. The Xeon W-3175X uses the LGA3647 socket, with 12 DIMM slots and six memory channels (DDR4-2666 supported). Its base clock is 3.1GHz with a 4.3GHz boost clock and a 255W TDP (remember, all Intel TDPs are derived solely from base clock frequencies). This CPU does not use solder according to Tom’s Hardware, which will almost certainly impact overclocking efforts (and overclocking the chip could require two power supplies, not just one).

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