iPhone MMS Shows Up Early

From PC World: Some lucky iPhone owners are reporting that multimedia messaging has started working on their iPhones. The earliest report about MMS activation came from Mediaite blogger Ash Kalb on Saturday who says select U.S. iPhone customers now have MMS support. Kalb reported MMS suddenly appeared on his phone just hours after he updated his mobile device with iPhone OS 3.1, which was released last Wednesday. AT&T had been widely criticized for not rolling out MMS when Apple introduced the feature with iPhone OS 3.0 earlier this year.

MMS, similar to regular text messaging, allows you to send messages, with pictures, video, or audio, to other wireless phones. Right now most iPhone owners wanting to send a picture, for example, would have to compose and send an e-mail from their phone attaching the image.

Soon after Kalb's blog entry was posted, reports began filtering in from users across the U.S. who said their phones were also MMS ready. IPhone users who say MMS is working for them are typically running iPhone OS 3.1 with carrier file 5.0. There are claims that both jailbroken and non-jailbroken iPhone owners are seeing MMS functionality.

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