OWC Acquires AKiTiO, Creates Peripheral Powerhouse

From AnandTech: OWC on Thursday announced that it had acquired AKiTiO, creating one of the industry’s largest suppliers of storage and other peripherals aimed at professionals and prosumers. One of the key reasons why OWC decided to take over AKiTiO is the latter’s portfolio of products that complements its own lineup.

While both AKiTiO and OWC generally serve similar customers and markets, their families of products do not necessarily overlap all that greatly. Established in 1988 and initially providing memory upgrades for Apple computers, OWC has been gradually expanding its lineup, yet has traditionally focused primarily on solutions for Apple’s Mac computers. Today, the company sells dozens of external peripherals, DRAM kits, SSDs, and other devices. By contrast, AKiTiO has offered products both for Apple Mac and Microsoft Windows systems (though it has never sold DRAMs or SSDs).

By taking over AKiTiO, OWC creates a very potent player on the market of various peripherals aimed at both platforms used by professionals and prosumers with a lot of expertise in the field of components.

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