SanDisk’s prototype 4TB flash drive is the biggest one ever

From The Verge: Flash drives are good. Bigger flash drives are better. At CES 2019, SanDisk has the biggest flash drive ever: an absolutely massive 4TB prototype USB-C drive that can still fit in your pocket.

The drive doesn’t have a name, much less actual specifications like a price tag or a release date. I’m also not even sure if it’s fair to call it a flash drive, considering that it has an integrated USB-C cable that puts this more on the side of “very small SSD” than “very large flash drive.” But nomenclature quibbling aside, it’s still a remarkably small 4TB drive that you could fit into your pocket, and that’s cool!

Odds are that SanDisk will never end up shipping the 4TB drive (at least, not in its current form), similar to how its ultra small 1TB drive from CES last year never materialized as a product. But considering that flash drives with a mere 2TB of storage tend to run in the $1,200 range, that may end up being a good thing for everyone’s wallet in the long run.

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