Intel's Optane Memory H10 marries super-fast Optane and SSD storage on one M.2 card

From PCWorld: PC makers at CES have told PCWorld that they haven’t warmed to cutting-edge Optane Memory as much as Intel would have liked. But that hasn’t stopped Intel from innovating, most recently by combining Optane and flash memory on a single M.2 card.

Eventually, Optane Memory H10 with Solid State Storage may yet be a boxed product that you can buy—that’s under investigation, according to Intel executives at a press conference here at CES on Tuesday night. For now, though, the H10 is being marketed at PC makers, many of which allowed notebooks using the technology to be showed off at the event.

By combining both technologies on a single M.2 card, the H10 allows its Optane Memory storage enhancement technology to be built into thin and light PCs. The thin form factor only allows for flash memory, but Intel’s plans for Optane include everything from gaming PCs on down. (An M.2 card is the specification for internal expansion cards for notebook PCs, though it typically is only used for storage.)

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