HDHomeRun teases simpler hardware and (maybe) a Roku app

From TechHive: SiliconDust’s HDHomeRun tuners have been great building blocks for over-the-air DVR, allowing users to watch and record free antenna channels at full broadcast quality. Setting things up, however, has always required extra hardware, such as a PC or a NAS box with ample storage space to handle the recordings. Now, HDHomeRun is consolidating with a couple of new products.

The HDHomeRun Scribe Duo combines a dual TV tuner, a recording engine, and 1TB of storage into one box for $199. Plug it into your wireless router with an ethernet cable, and it’ll stream live or recorded TV to the HDHomeRun app on Windows, Xbox One, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, iOS, or Android devices.

The HDHomeRun Servio, meanwhile, includes the recording engine and 2TB of storage, but no TV tuner. As such, it can either add recording capabilities to current HDHomeRun tuners or supplement the storage in the new Scribe Duo. Again, the idea is that it’ll just work without any additional setup, save for activating DVR service on HDHomeRun’s website.

“A NAS box, for an average user, from a retail store, that scares them off, and they may not want to use a PC hard drive because that keeps the PC on all the time and it fills up fairly quickly,” SiliconDust CEO Ted Head said in an interview. “Now we’ve got a solution that fixes that.”

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