Twitter earnings show that advertisers like a less toxic social network

From CNET: Twitter can be filled with harassment, bullying, misinformation and hate speech. Not exactly the warm, fuzzy place that invites users or advertisers hoping to get their messages seen.

On Thursday, Twitter showed it's making strides against its toxic user base. The company reported that the number of monthly active users fell slightly to 321 million in the fourth quarter from 326 million the third quarter, attributing the lower numbers to its effort to purge fake accounts, trolls and bullies from its network.

"Our efforts to improve health have delivered important results," said Jack Dorsey, Twitter's CEO, in a statement. "We enter this year confident that we will continue to deliver strong performance by focusing on making Twitter a healthier and more conversational service."

The company had warned investors in October that it expected to see another dip in users in the fourth quarter, partly because of its crackdown on fake accounts. That effort is critical to Twitter, which has to show advertisers it can attract new people to the platform while competing against tech giants like Facebook and Google for their ad dollars.

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