Midrange Moto G7 Power Offers Massive Battery for $249

From PC Mag: Motorola's G lineup is the no-brainer choice for people looking for inexpensive, reliable phones. They're widely available, and we've been recommending them for years. Moto just updated them, and the three new models in the G7 line run from $199 to $299, with updated processors and cameras.

They're largely incremental jumps over the G6 line, but they keep Moto as the go-to choice for budget phones in the US.

There's a fourth G model, the G7 Plus, which will go for $340, but we didn't get to see because it will not be available in the US.

The Moto G lineup fall above the Moto E devices, which are Motorola's lowest-end viable choices in the states. They fall below the Zs, Motorola's flagship line. They're a happy middle. I spent some time with the various new G7s, and they're nice. They'll do well for folks who need reliable communication on a budget.

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