Opera for Android Now Has a VPN Built-In

From PC Mag: The Opera web browser may have lost its companion VPN last year, but it's making a comeback this year and there's now no need to install a second app. Opera combined the two!

You may remember back in April last year Opera announced that Opera VPN for iOS and Android was permanently shutting down. There were two versions of the app, the free Opera VPN and $29.99 Opera VPN Gold, both of which disappeared. However, what we didn't know at the time was Opera planned to replace them with a new VPN, only this one is built directly into the browser.

As the Opera blog explains, the latest version of Opera for Android includes a new built-in VPN. It's completely free to use, unlimited, and no logs are kept of your activity while using it. By shipping it as a standard part of the browser, Opera says it is giving users increased control over their privacy without need of another app or by having to pay for a VPN service.

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