Firefox browser helps make Qualcomm-powered PCs more useful

From CNET: If you have that rarity in the PC market, a laptop powered by a Qualcomm processor and not the more common Intel chip, you can now use the Firefox web browser on it.

Mozilla on Thursday released a beta version of Firefox for computers based on Qualcomm's Snapdragon chips for laptops. The nonprofit hopes its browser will graduate from beta test to release quality in the next two months.

Qualcomm processors are widely used in phones, but the chipmaker is pushing hard to get everyone to use its processors in personal computers, too. Qualcomm's sales pitch, in a nutshell, is that you'll enjoy the long battery life and mobile network access core to the power-sensitive phone market.

But there's not much point if the software you need hasn't been adapted for Qualcomm, whose chips are members of the Arm technology family. Mozilla's Firefox is a step in fixing that problem -- especially since web browsers are a gateway to so many tools we use on computers, from Microsoft's Office Online to Google's Gmail.

Low power consumption is a priority from the project, and Mozilla built better power monitoring tools into its software as a result.

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