Disney Plus will cost $7 a month and launch Nov. 12

From CNET: Disney Plus will launch Nov. 12 in the US for $7 a month, or $70 a year if you get an annual subscription. Disney revealed the launch date and price Thursday, while talking up the streaming service's exclusive shows, including new Marvel and Star Wars adventures -- and every episode of The Simpsons.

Its price undercuts Netflix's $13 monthly fee for its most popular plan in the US, which lets you stream to two different devices simultaneously in high definition. Disney Chief Financial Officer Christine M. McCarthy hinted that Disney Plus pricing may rise as the service advances, calling the $7 monthly fee an "initial" price. The company also said it's likely to bundle Disney Plus with Hulu and ESPN Plus, offering a discount if you subscribe to two or three of its streaming options.

"This is an exciting time; it's also a challenging time," Chief Executive Bob Iger said Thursday. But "deciding how to navigate this was not difficult for us," he said, explaining that Disney is focused on its ocean of premium content and distributing it in different ways.

The news came during the entertainment giant's two-hour-plus event to unveil Disney Plus and explain its wider streaming strategy. The presentation included a laundry list of new and original show announcements, early peeks at high-profile exclusives like Star Wars spinoff The Mandalorian -- and even offered glimpses at Disney's biggest movie releases to come this year, including a scene from Marvel's Avengers: Endgame.

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