Lyft Drivers Now Subject to Continuous Background Checks

From PC Mag: Lyft drivers will now be subject to continuous criminal background checks.

The new policy "will provide Lyft with daily monitoring of its active drivers and immediate notification of any disqualifying criminal convictions," the company wrote in a blog post. "Any driver who does not pass both the annual and continuous screenings will be barred from our platform."

Lyft already requires drivers to pass a criminal background check before their first ride, and at least once a year thereafter. Their criminal background check includes a Social Security number trace, nationwide and federal criminal searches, county court records search, and Department of Justice sex offender registry search.

Lyft does not allow drivers on its platform whose background checks turn up convictions for violent crimes, sexual offenses, and other felonies. The company also prohibits drivers with more than three minor violations (such as accidents or traffic light tickets) or one major violation (like reckless driving or driving on a suspended license) in the past three years or a DUI or any driving-related conviction in the past seven years.

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