Samsung’s Tab 5Se tablet reportedly loses Wi-Fi if you hold it wrong

From The Verge: Samsung’s latest tablet, the Galaxy Tab S5e, can reportedly lose its Wi-Fi connection if you hold it wrong. SamMobile reports that the problem occurs when you hold the tablet in a landscape orientation with the front-facing camera on the left. For some users this causes a reduction in signal, while others are reporting that their tablet’s Wi-Fi connection disconnects entirely. Holding the tablet in portrait mode or with the camera on the right doesn’t appear to cause the same problem.

The launch of Apple’s iPhone 4 back in 2010 was famously beset by a similar issue. Shortly after launch, people realized that the phone would lose all connectivity if you held it the wrong way. Despite Apple’s claim that the problem affected less than one percent of handsets, the company later offered a free rubber “bumper” to any iPhone 4 owners affected by the problem.

Samsung is yet to officially acknowledge the reported issues with the Tab S5e, and it’s unclear how widespread the issues are. However, SamMobile reports that replacement devices sent to customers are experiencing the same problems, indicating that it’s a problem with the tablet’s hardware design. Samsung is yet to respond to a request for comment.

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