VIPER GAMING launches brand new V550 and V551 Optical Gaming Mouse

From Patriot Press Release: VIPER GAMING today announced the release of the brand-new V550 and V551 series optical gaming mouse. Both feature the signature VIPER logo, RGB illumination, USB interface with a 1.8-meter braided cable, PixArt 5,000 and 6,200 DPI optical sensors respectively, outstanding gaming performance, and the most accurate sensors to date.

“VIPER GAMING believes that pro gamers come in a variety of age groups and genders, and accuracy is a must-have in a gaming mouse. We are excited to add V550 and V551, dynamic new gaming mice to our lineup of gaming products,” said Roger Shinmoto, Vice President of VIPER GAMING.

The new V550 and V551 mouse has an onboard PixArt’s advanced 3325 and 3327 optical sensors respectively, adjustable DPI of 5,000 for V550 and adjustable DPI of 6,200 for V551, giving gamers the best agility and accuracy under intense gaming situations. When using Viper software, the DPI of V551 can easily be adjusted to 12,000.

The V551 is truly tracking at 220 IPS with a polling rate of 1,000Hz granting the absolute advantage in real and sensitive response time during long- fierce matches. In addition, the series also offers the flexibility to fit various game settings to 8 individual, programmable buttons.

Every aspect of the V550 and V551 is designed to fit in various styles of gameplay. The V550 has 9 buttons, 8 personalized programmable, while the V551 has 8 buttons, 7 personalized programmable via the Viper Software. The RGB illumination can be customized in full spectrum RGB colors by using the Viper software. In addition, the excellent reliability with the aid of Omron switches to deliver extreme gaming performance and 10 million clicks of durability.