Sony shows off PlayStation 5's power

From CNET: Sony has yet to put on a big show to debut the upcoming PlayStation 5, but it continues to release more info about the new console. At its investor relations strategy meeting (IR 2019) on Tuesday, the PS5's improvements over the PS4 was on display to show what's coming in the next generation.

During Sony Interactive Entertainment's presentation, a video showed the performance upgrade the PS5 will have thanks to the improved power and high-speed SSD storage. The new console loaded several times faster than the PS4 Pro and sped through an open-world with no noticeable slowdown.

"We will harness the power of new technology to offer completely transformative and immersive gaming experiences," read the following slide.

Other PS5 details confirmed in the presentation was the console's backward compatibility, 8K resolution, support for discs, and ray tracing. The Tokyo-based company still didn't give details on price, global release date, the games, and user experience.

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