Cooler Master Announces New Power Products at Computex

From Cooler Master Press Release: Cooler Master today teased a few of the new power products and services that will be shown at Computex, one of the largest annual technology conventions in Asia.

TEP and the XG Series
At Computex 2018, Cooler Master showed a prototype for a never before seen in-house designed PSU, the XG. This prototype has now reached its final stages of development. The new Thermal Enhanced Platform (TEP), designed by Cooler Master will be used in three distinct product lines collectively known as the XG series. At Computex this year, the XG Gold Essential, XG Gold Advanced, and XG Gold Plus will be shown.

Project Fanless
Fanless power supply units are becoming more in demand every year as companies try to add value to an already highly competitive market. Currently, 600W is the average wattage level available for a 100% fanless PSU. Cooler Master will showcase a fanless 650W PSU that will instantly become a 1000W PSU by manually installing a 120mm fan.

MWE White & Bronze
In addition, Cooler Master will release updated versions of both the MWE White and MWE Bronze product lines. Users can expect the MWE White to be available in 500W, 600W and 700W. Similar to the MWE White, the MWE Bronze will be offered in the same wattage levels as its little brother, but will provide users with the option of fixed or modular cabling.

Availability and Pricing:
MWE White V2: Available in Q2, $39.99 – 59.99
MWE Bronze V2: Available in Q2, $49.99 – 79.99