Asus ZenBook Pro Duo dazzles with double 4K displays

From CNET: It seems 2019 is turning into the year of the dual screen. But while companies like HP are just coming around, Asus has already marched on to its second generation. Its new flagship ZenBook Pro Duo pairs a 15-inch 4K OLED display with a second full-width IPS touch screen above the keyboard, which Asus dubs "ScreenPad Plus."

Technically, the laptop has three screens if you count the virtual number pad-slash-touchpad, but let's not get carried away.

Asus has also updated the smaller ScreenPads in its standard ZenBook and VivoBook models with the ScreenPad 2. If you missed it, Asus first introduced the ScreenPad in last year's ZenBook Pro 15; just imagine a laptop with a trackpad that doubles as a phone screen and you have a good idea of what Asus is going for.

The ScreenPad 2 featured on new VivoBook S and ZenBook computers has minimally larger panels -- about half an inch along the diagonal -- but consume a lot less power, don't dim when you're unplugged and have software that's a little more intuitive to use.

The Zenbook Pro Duo's ScreenPad Plus is definitely the flashier one. It has the same horizontal resolution and width as the main screen (4K) but roughly half the depth, which makes the diagonal length really long. Thus Asus refers to it as a "14-inch" screen even though it's not what we typically think of as a 14-inch display.

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