Steelseries Apex Pro keyboard's switches autoadjust for hard or soft touch

From CNET: Sometimes you need to pound and sometimes you need a light touch. Steelseries has developed new mechanical switches that can automatically change the amount of pressure required to register a press depending upon what you're doing, such as gaming or working, and used them in its new Apex Pro and Apex Pro TKL keyboards.

The OmniPoint switches use magnetic sensors to determine the actuation point, which the company claims also makes them faster; it seems like a valid claim, given that a magnetic field should more quickly respond than a physical mechanism, and it's similar to the claim for optomechanical switches, like HP's Omen X Sequencer.

Sensitivities can be set for between 0.4 (shortest) and 3.6mm (longest) actuation thresholds, which is a pretty wide range.

The keyboards also have a small OLED display which can display the customizations and allow you to set them up without having to use the company's software utility, as well as display notifications from messaging apps.

The Apex Pro will cost $200 and be available June 11 -- the first day of E3 -- and the Apex Pro TKL (ten keyless) will be $180 when it ships in the fall.

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