Intel Turns the NUC Into a Modular Slot-In Card

From PC Mag: We're used to the NUC being a micro desktop PC you can attach to the back of a monitor, but Intel is now turning it into a modular card capable of slotting into a range of devices.

Intel is using Computex 2019 to introduce a range of new hardware products, with the idea of what form a NUC can take being tweaked. As well as those tiny desktop computers, Intel is launching the NUC Compute Element. It's a modular card consisting of an Intel CPU, memory, storage, and connectivity that can be plugged into a range of devices using a proprietary connector.

Rather than being aimed at consumers, the NUC Compute Element is meant to be an easy plug-in solution for device makers. For example, a laptop could be designed to have the Compute Element slotted in the side or back. By doing so, it would allow the laptop to be upgraded in future simply by switching out the Compute Element for a newer model. Intel also points to kiosks, smart TVs, and a range of home appliances as capable of taking advantage of this new NUC card format.

As Tom's Hardware reports, the design of the NUC Compute Element allows Intel to use the 15W U-Series mobile processors as well as the lower wattage Y-series. However, 28W processors can also be "tolerated" if more performance is required and the device allows adequate cooling of the Compute Element. Some versions of the Compute Element will also support vPro technology, making them more viable for use in a corporate/business setting.

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