Qualcomm And Lenovo Announce The World's First Prototype 5G PC

From Forbes: Qualcomm is on a roll, its 5G modem leadership solidified by recent partner 5G announcements across carriers in the US, Europe, and Asia. While nearly all of these 5G devices have been smartphones, many have wondered when the first 5G PC would hit the scene. That question was answered at Computex 2019, with Qualcomm and Lenovo ’s joint announcement of the world’s first prototype 5G PC codenamed Project Limitless. Let’s take a closer look.

Project Limitless

Qualcomm has been working on bringing 5G to PCs ever since it started pushing its always-connected PC initiative and putting Snapdragon processors in Windows PCs. This initiative has already introduced consumers a new category of ultra-long-lasting devices, which, to this day, are hard to beat in terms of real daily battery life. I have personally used the Lenovo Yoga C630, which features Qualcomm’s fastest currently available Snapdragon 850 processor, and I have been impressed by the battery life and performance.

Qualcomm once again partnered with Lenovo on the latest iteration of its always-connected PC designs with Project Limitless. Project Limitless pairs Qualcomm’s newest processor for Windows, the 8cx, with the company’s newest LTE modem, the Snapdragon X55, to deliver 5G connectivity to a new iteration of Lenovo’s always-connected PC. It also delivers a new balance of performance and battery life to the always-connected PC category. While the experience on the Snapdragon 850 has been good at times, it still had times where it felt a bit sluggish. That’s where the Snapdragon 8cx is expected to change things up for fans of these marathon-like Windows PCs. The 8cx brings an 8-Core CPU design that is custom-designed for use in Windows PCs and is designed to be competitive with Intel’s most recent offerings in the space. Qualcomm brought UL’s benchmark team, formerly known as Futuremark, to the conference to showcase how well the 8cx performs in their PCMark 10 and 3DMark benchmark, both in terms of actual performance and battery life. The performance numbers showed the 8cx on par with or faster than Intel ’s comparable 8th Gen i5 in Windows Office applications and their 3D benchmark.

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