Microsoft Will Be Bigger Than Apple, Amazon & Google (But Not Walmart)

From Forbes: Microsoft – which has flirted with trillion dollar valuations – will be bigger than Apple, Amazon and Google – but not Walmart – if it does a few things – and Apple, Amazon and Google don’t do the same ones, which they will have a much harder time doing. Let me explain.

The success of Microsoft (and other mega technology companies) in the 20th and early 21st centuries, though not always in a straight line, is explained more by market trends and technology trajectories than by genius strategic management. Lots of companies profited from the technological revolution. Mistakes are tolerated when PCs, tablets, smartphones, networks and software applications are flying off the shelves. Of course, Microsoft won the standardization race a long time ago as it continues to “force” Windows on all of those machines. Remember how hard it fought hard during the Netscape browser war so many years ago? Most have no memory of the turbulent times at Microsoft when Bill Gates seemed to always be fighting with someone about something.

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