Qualcomm's New Cheap Chip Is for Smartphones, Not Flip Phones

From PC Mag: Qualcomm's new Snapdragon 215 chipset, announced today, brings a bunch of cutting-edge features to low-cost smartphones. But Qualcomm's ambition here seems to stop a little short: while this new chipset could be absolutely great for the next generation of flip phones, the company doesn't want to go there.

To some extent, my perspective on the 215 is about PCMag and who we write for; $100 smartphones using Qualcomm's 200-series chips are a huge deal in India, for example. But here in the US, our low-end phones (such as the Moto E5) tend to use either competing MediaTek units or Qualcomm's next step up, the 400-series processors.

Smartphones with the 215 will cost from $75 to $120 up front, Qualcomm told us. The next step up, the Snapdragon 429, will power phones starting at $120.

What we do still need here in the US is solid non-smartphone options with great voice quality, and the 215 delivers critical improvements over the Snapdragon 205 used in American flips like the Doro 7060, the Sonim XP3, and the Alcatel Go Flip.

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