Foxconn's Wisconsin plant won't bring as many jobs as it promised

From CNET: Foxconn will kick off production at its Wisconsin plant in May 2020, but it'll reportedly only employ 1,500 initially, Gov. Tony Evers told CNBC. It's considerably fewer than the 13,000 Foxconn said the factory would bring in its 2017 announcement at the White House.

The Taiwan-based electronics maker is best known for assembling Apple's iPhone and providing parts for other companies' gadgets

Foxconn's agreement with the state means it has to create 1,820 jobs by the end of 2020 to secure up to $270 million in tax credits, having missed its 2018 job creation target of 260. Ultimately, it must hit its 13,000 goal by 2032 to qualify for subsidies of around $3 billion.

It's not the first time Evers tempered expectations for the project, having noted that Foxconn had "shrunk their expectations" back in April. The Democrat inherited the deal from his Republican predecessor Scott Walker, who helped woo Foxconn to Wisconsin with the largest incentive in state history. During Evers' campaign, he took a critical stance on Walker's dealings with the company.

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