Pokemon Go battles are about to get a whole lot better

From CNET: Pokemon Go's dull trainer battles pretty dull were all about tapping the screen to power up your Charged Attacks, but developer Niantic spiced things up with its latest update. Now you'll have to do some Fruit Ninja-style swiping to charge them, which sounds much more engaging.

The mobile megahit's appraisal system has been improved too -- you'll be able to see bars showing your Pokemon pals' Individual Values (IVs). The previous system was a little unclear, much meant lots of people restored to IV calculator apps.

"Trainers, two feature revamps are coming to Pokemon Go!" Niantic tweeted. "We are rolling out an updated appraisal system to give you more detailed information on your Pokemon's stats, and will soon be updating the Charged Attack mechanic in Trainer Battles."

An APK teardown by Pokemon Go research group The Silph Road also revealed that you'll also be able to battle Team Go Rocket grunts and catch shadow Pokemon they abandon -- basically adding a whole new gameplay element.

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